Emergency Response & Fire Leadership Global Summit

November 2023
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia View

Emergency Response & Fire Leadership Global Summit 2023 (ERFL Global Summit 2023) is an international platform that will address research and innovations in the field of emergency response, crisis management, fire and safety. The conference and exhibition will bring together a distinguished gathering of participants from all across the globe, sharing their expertise about the current and future challenges in the light of emergency response management and fire leadership.

SpillTech 2023

8 - 9 November 2023
India View

The well-being of the oceans and humanity are inextricably linked to one another. Oceans play an integral role in climate change mitigation, absorbing some 23% of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions and more than 90% of the excess heat created by human-caused greenhouse gases. Serious damage over the years has been done to our oceans & the marine ecosystem which has led to ocean acidification & climate change. The oceans are highly affected by climate change, which primarily impacts the ecosystems and fish communities that live in the ocean. Climate-informed marine planning is crucial to achieving the global climate commitments made at COP26 and will help meet national goals and obligations in biodiversity, conservation, and ecosystem restoration.

Global Business Resilience Conference

November 2023
Kingdom of Bahrain View

Global Energy Transition Congress

29 - 31 Jan 2024
Kingdom of Bahrain View

International Occupational Health Summit

4 - 7 Feb 2024
Sultanate of Oman View

Global Assistive Technology Expo & Conference

23-25 Feb 2024
India View

As a global, multidisciplinary event, with the help of government and non-government organizations; aiming to improve the quality of life for persons who may benefit from prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive devices, GATEC provides an effective platform for the exchange and communication on all aspects of the science, practice, and education associated with the provision of all Assistive Devices Technology, rehabilitation engineering, and related areas.

Global HSE 2024

March 2024
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia View

Global Destination Expo & Conference 2024

July 2024
India View

Global Destinations Expo & Conference will be the premier event to support the Destination marketing and management industry along with the people who make it work. i.e. the Global Destination Organisations, Event Planners and Tourism Boards. This event is being organised especially at a time when the industry begins to recover from one of the most challenging moments in the modern history due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the Travel & Hospitality Sector.

RECSO EnviroSpill 2024, Kingdom of Bahrain

August 2024
Kingdom of Bahrain View

RECSO EnviroSpill provides a dedicated platform for professionals from major industries to discuss, debate and share knowledge, expertise and experience on different technologies in the field of oil spill and environment preservation. The event will primarily focus on issues pertaining to the cleaner Gulf seas.

GiDMC 2024

September 2024
India View

Global Inclusive Disaster Management Conference (GiDMC) as planned on 1st and 2nd July 2019, Le Méridien Hotel, New Delhi is a global event organised by UN Global Compact Network, hosted by Oil India, partnered by GAIL and Indian Red Cross Society and managed by iCONEX Exhibitions. Revolving around the theme of “Towards Resilient Future - Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation”, GiDMC 2019 works with the agenda to achieve sustainable development, total disaster management and building a resilient future. It is planned to bring forth the discussions highlighting the “present and post disasters preparedness”. Preparedness to natural and industrial disasters with respect to technologies, policies, frameworks and partnerships.

Kuwait International Health, Safety, Security & Environment (KIHSSE) 2024

October 2024
State of Kuwait View

Kuwait International Health, Safety, Security & Environment (KIHSSE) 2024, is the 4th Edition of the initiative taken by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation for bringing together the peers of Health Safety Security and Environment under one roof. This year the event stands at the forefront of blending HSSE as a practice to attain Business Excellence under the theme of “Transforming HSE Culture for a Resilient Future”.

Global Cyber Security Congress 2024

November 2024
Kingdom of Bahrain View